How to apply for a PhD? Part 1

We’ve cleared out and established a presumably strong motivation for signing up for a PhD challenge now let’s see how to do this. First thing you need to think about is that you may need around 6 – 10 months to search for scholarships, prepare documents and write your proposal. It might sound like a lot of time, but as you will find out the searching and applying might require some time and you need to prepare for travelling, interview and possibly also presenting your proposal in front of a committee.
As you get started, please have in mind that there are 2 types of programs: “the traditional PhD” and “the structured PhD”. Please see below the main characteristics.


Great, so hopefully this has helped you decide whether you would like to pursue a traditional or a structured program and which one suits better your personal and professional life. Now you need to decide on your priorities; so think what is more important for you: what you want to research/study or where you would like to do this. During my application period I’ve come across some very interesting databases that might help you decide. Just select your options and click search, you’ll be having fun in no time.





You will probably find a lot of interesting programs, my suggestion would be to think of applying at least to 5 or so. I’ve noticed sometimes people prefer to apply only for 1 program, I suggest finding different funding solutions because you can never be too sure. It’s great if Plan A goes well, it’s even better if your Plan B goes well too, then you have more options.


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