How to apply for a PhD? Part 2

All right, so you found the programs you want to apply for, it’s time to get started on your applications. Please keep in mind that the entire application, selection and admission process may take at least 6 months so be sure to plan ahead.
Usually, these are the documents you will be needing for your applications:

– Exposé or proposal of the planned dissertation (a 15-20 pages ”sketch” of what you would like to research during your PhD.)
– Letter of application
– Letter of motivation a.k.a Statement of purpose
– 2-3 Recommendation letters (in my experience at least 2 have to be from your former professors)
– Curriculum Vitae (emphasizing your research/academic achievements)
– Master Degree (legalized copy or original)
– Master Degree Transcript of Records
– Bachelor Degree (legalized copy or original)
– Bachelor Degree Transcript of Records
– Language certificate (only required if you are applying for a program in another language other than your mother tongue)

Seems like a long list and lots of stuff to do, so where do you start? Try to choose the most simple, the easiest task or the one you like to most. That way you start on a positive note and you won’t loose your enthusiasm and motivation. It might take a while to get all of them done, surely the biggest amount of time will be dedicated to writing your exposé.


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