Writing and nothing more


Just write, write, write.
You will edit it afterwards. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now, you can polish it later.
Get your fingers on the keyboard, on the pencil or the on the typewriter and let your thoughts guide your way.
For it is just an exercise at first, an exercise of concentration, of endurance and of creativity.
A few years ago, I have been given the chance to read the diaries of Dostoevsky and I have to say that was the perfect example of resistance. The way he is in his recollections, in those fragments of life is unpolished, heavy, sincere, humble and controversial, he is completely different from his novels. This is the way he writes for himself and not for the reader, he writes so he can later (as he always does) analyze himself, he writes as a glimpse into his own world, into the visions, fears and revelations of every day life.
So write like this at first, write like you would write if you would have a very close relationship with that topic, because indeed you will. It’s going to be the focus of your next 3 years, you will leave, breathe, dream and sleep with this topic in the back of your head, constantly meddling with your life, tearing up pieces of your yet young and developing “research consciousness”.
If there ever was a more appropriate moment to take up a hobby, it’s now. You need to be able to leave a considerable space of time between the moment you write and the one you edit your texts. I’ve taken up jogging and it’s great as it gives me a big boost of inspiration and I feel like my body is not totally useless – I’m using it for something. Whats more, I have experienced a sort of physical self-awareness, I’m realizing now how I have ignored this part of myself for such a long time.
Write in your own space and time and try to make it as personal as possible, that is be alone with your writing as much as possible. Ideas are worth sharing and spreading of course, but do this after you took the time to clarify what you want to say and how you want to do this.
Always know your weakness and try to deal with it, confront it at all costs – never run away from it. If you can’t concentrate on writing because you need to check your friends’ update on Facebook or Twitter TURN THE INTERNET OFF. If you can’t write now, go outside, take a break, go for a run, walk your dog… But always come back to where you left off.
Another very important aspect of writing is to know the difference between applause and achievement.
“You’re doing great,
you have such a great idea,
you’re on the right path”

But listen and read carefully: you’re not there yet, you haven’t achieved your goal. It’s great to keep motivated and receive honors and acclaims whenever you take a step forward but there’s a long way to go so just keep on writing.


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