Publish or Peril – Why we need to change this thinking!

100% agree with this.
We need to change the “publish or perish” way of thinking!

To PhD and beyond!

When I was trying to break into my area, I went and spoke with a leader in the field. He picked up my resume, flicked to my publications and told me I would never do much in the field as I had not published enough. I was told to publish anything and everything to increase my publications. Nothing else seemed to matter on my resume, the awards I had won, the skills I had picked up, my degrees, none of it. All that mattered was that a lack of publication history meant I was unemployable. Some of the comments I have been reading from my first blog post have also supported this idea. I will quote what was said here :

From citizensci : “Only worthwhile and valuable research gets published. Otherwise, it’s a useless exercise that sits in your lab notebook that no one reads about or knows about…

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