My research stay in Singapore – First impressions

Exciting news from my side. I will be in Singapore until end of September for a Research Stay at the Singapore Management University – School of Business – OBHR.

Luckily, I landed here exactly when the city-state was celebrating its National Day – marking 50 years of independence.

What a wonderful experience to be here for the Singapore Night Festival, watch the magnificent light projections on Singapore National Museum and listen to cool live performance from female artists Ruby Chen and Amanda Tee.


As I adapted to the new flavors of the food and enjoyed the refreshing lemongrass-flavored ice tea, I felt the warmth of the people surrounding me, smiling back at me, being friendly and helpful.

The taxi driver was nice, the parking person at the hotel was friendly and the receptionist was welcoming. Everything was easy to find, there were no complications. But just as a first impression, Singaporeans really enjoy queuing: I stood in line 3 times today, each time for at least 15 minutes. I have a feeling I have to get used to this, it’s gonna happen quite often.

Looking forward to this week, I have many meetings plan and I can’t wait to get to work!

P.S.: Another thing I noticed by watching TV is people’s fascination here with horror movies. Spirits, ghosts and the kinds make apparently for popular TV programs.